Santa’s Workshop Announces 14,000 Elf Layoffs As Part Of Massive Restructuring Effort

North Pole – Santa’s Workshop announced today that it will be laying off 14,000 Elves as part of a massive restructuring effort. The Elves affected account for almost a quarter of Santa’s workforce. The layoffs come as Santa plans to close several workshops that have been labeled as “outdated”. “Kids aren’t as excited about dolls and wooden trains anymore. It’s all about tech now” said a PR representative from Claus, Inc. This announcement comes at a difficult time for Elves across the North Pole. “Working for Santa is the only form of employment here in the North Pole” responded Elf Union Leader Chippy Long Stockings. “Without work here, Elf families will probably have to move and work at an Amazon warehouse. Which is rumored to have better working conditions than what we currently face”. In the press release, Claus Inc. said the layoffs are necessary so the company can achieve $1.5 billion in cost savings by 2021 and boost profitability. Critics say this a sham considering the major tax break the company received from the Trump administration in 2017 and has used most of those savings to buyback $10 billion dollars worth of stock.

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