Things To Keep You Busy At The Bar When You’re Not Pretty Enough To Be Noticed

Going out to the bars is a fun way to meet someone special. But that’s only if you’re pretty. If you’re an average duckling you’re usually just standing around doing nothing as you go unnoticed. Don’t let that idle time go to waste! Follow these tips to keep yourself busy.

Pretend You’re Wearing Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Since you’re essentially invisible to majority of the bar it’s the perfect time to pretend you’re Harry Potter on a mission hiding from Professor Snape. Walk around the bar like you’re in the forbidden section of the Hogwarts library looking for the spell to destroy Voldemort. Don’t worry about getting caught because no one will see you or care.

Inspect The Bar For Health Code Violations

Even though you will never meet anyone at the bar, it would be a shame if it was shut down because of unsanitary conditions. Do the owner a solid and give the bar a thorough inspection. Look under all the pretty people having pretty people fun and look for anything that can be deemed unsanitary or unsafe and report it to the owner. People will thank you. Well they would if they’d notice you.

Practice Meditating

This is something you’ve been meaning to do for a while but you’ve been too busy looking down on yourself. Seize this opportunity to better your headspace. Inhale deep, hold your breath, and exhale while reciting a mantra like “It doesn’t matter if you succeed, all that matters is you tried”. Repeat until you are finally at peace with the way society operates.

If all else fails just remember, your Mom thinks you’re beautiful!

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