Get Him To Notice You By Updating Your Privacy Policy

Dating in the 21st century is hard and with multiple digital media outlets it’s even harder to stand out and get noticed. That’s why now more than ever it’s so important to be the first to embrace new trends in the digital space. Online privacy has been a hot topic recently and with the launch of GDPR in Europe every company is updating their policy to comply. So why not hop on the wave and get him to notice you? Men love to know that they have complete control over their data. Email him and let him know that he can see everything you have on him at anytime. He would also love to know if any of his data was breached. Let him know that you will alert him within 72 hours if your friend accidentally swipes passed his dick pic in your photos app. He might respond, “Unsubscribe” or “Who is this?”. Though disappointing, it’s ok! Being GDPR compliant means he has the right to be forgotten. Just remember to comply so you don’t get sued!

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