Lean In: How To Be The Boss Of Your Toilet

We all know the struggle that is life with a toilet. You use it day after day to the point you don’t know who is using who. It doesn’t always have to be this way. Follow these tips and learn how to become the Queen of your throne!

Have A Plan:

Don’t wing it. Nothing says you’re not ready to be a leader than being unprepared. Have a plan in place before you go in. Do research and think through your strategy from beginning to end. This will show your toilet that you are in charge!

Be Confident:

Confidence is key. If you walk up to your toilet with a nervous expression and your hands in your pockets, your toilet wins. Take a moment beforehand to get centered and remind yourself “I’m in charge here”. Your toilet will notice this confidence immediately and treat you like the boss ass bitch you are!


Non-verbal skills like planning and confidence are important. However, nothing will be as effective as clear communication. Remember to be courteous, but firm. This will really impress your toilet and finally get you to that big promotion.

Be A Team Player:

A leader is only as good as their team. The same goes for your toilet. Don’t neglect the rest of the key players in your bathroom like the sink, plunger, or the toilet paper dispenser. Network and branch out. This will show your toilet that you are versatile and ready to lead.

Above all, remember to allow yourself to fail. But it is more important to remember to wash your hands every time you’re done.

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