NRA Suggests Using Uber’s Self Driving Cars To Stop School Shooters

Responding to the demands of the marchers from this weekends “March For Our lives” protest, the NRA is finally offering a solution to the gun violence problem that has run rampant in America’s schools. NRA head Wayne LaPierre suggested at a press conference today that schools turn to Uber’s self driving cars to stop school shooters. “Uber’s new self driving car has proven itself capable of taking out anything that comes into its path” said LaPierre. When asked for a statement, an Uber representative said “We are excited to push forward the possibilities of our autonomous vehicles to see how we can serve our customers beyond just ride sharing”. The plan has been welcomed by many on the right, but skeptics on the left claim that this idea is dangerous since surge pricing can make stopping an active shooter unaffordable in many of the nations cash strapped schools. Not to be left out, Lyft announced that it is also testing a program where its autonomous vehicles stop active shooters.