MTA Announces 18-Month Shutdown Of Austin’s Hole For Emergency Repairs

Following the State of Emergency declared by the governor last summer, the MTA announced that it needs to close Austin’s Hole for 18 months to complete extensive repairs. “After a thorough inspection of the system we have discovered that dire repairs are needed. This hole has taken a real beating. Its been overused and under-maintained” said MTA chairman Joseph Lhota. Customers are of course furious that they will be without Austin’s hole for 18 months.  When pressed as to why off peak closures are not enough to make repairs, Lhota responded “There is just too much damage to fix in those short windows of time. The walls are crumbling, leakage is a problem, its a real mess”. The MTA said that as an alternative customers can use Tyler, Brody, or Dalton’s nearby holes. Local businesses are concerned that the loss of high volume foot traffic to other holes can bankrupt their business. “Most of my business comes from Austin’s hole. With it closed, I can be without a job” said the owner of a nearby Minute Clinic. A press release from the MTA states that the closure will give contractors unrestricted access to complete the repairs which include restoring the walls, tightening the entrance, and increasing capacity.