Summer’s Eve Introduces New Bluetooth Connected Smart Douche

CES 2018 kicks off this week and that means plenty of new gadgets will be shown off before they hit the market. Starting off the morning of new product announcements, Summer’s Eve has finally revealed its long rumored smart-douche. Named “iDouche” the Bluetooth connected intimate care product offers women the same cleaning power as other douches but with connectivity to smartphones so you can track the douches progress and get freshness alerts.

The company stated in a press release “Today we are proud to reveal our new iDouche smart intimate care system. It delivers the same level of care that women have come to expect from Summer’s Eve, but with a modern twist. We have been working on this new technology for nearly a decade and we are proud to be the first to bring this to market. The new douche connects with our new myVag app to track the progress of your douche as well as get freshness alerts when its time to replace.”

Summers Eve says customers can expect the new douche later in the year. Pricing has not yet been revealed, but you can pre-order the douche online next month.

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