Simple Ways To Make Your Tampon More Festive For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again where the air is full of holiday music and cheer. It’s also that time of month where Aunt Flo comes to wreck your sheets. That doesn’t mean you have to let it stain your holiday spirit! Follow these simple tips to make your Hoover dam go from drab to holiday fab!

Draw On Some Festive Designs

It’s such a beautiful time of year and your tampon should reflect that. Grab a sharpie and doodle on some holiday spirit like a snowflake, a Christmas tree, or a candy cane. We didn’t forget about Hanukkah either. Draw on a menorah or a dreidel to turn your 8 cramping days into 8 holy days. Now that’s a miracle!

Add A Festive Charm

Every tampon has a plain boring string that you can easily spice up with a Festive holiday charm. Head to your nearest Hallmark card store and browse from their large variety of small ornaments. Pick up a small Santa, elf, or sleigh, or if you’re religious a small nativity. If you’re a lady of elegance, treat yourself to a Pandora charm. Don’t be afraid to express your love of Christmas!

Wrap It In Some Festive Paper

You’ve been good all year and you deserve to unwrap a gift, even if it’s a tampon. Floral prints and pastel wrappers are great for spring, but it’s Christmas bitch! Wrap your tampons in some holiday wrapping paper and before you know it you’ll have everyone woman in the stall next you think “Wow, she’s festive”.

Happy Holidays ladies!

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