4 Pillows You Can Bite Into While You Get Fucked By The GOP Tax Bill

Republican controlled Congress is passing a sweeping bill that will forever change tax code in favor of the rich and large corporations. But because you’re a common peasant you’re getting fucked hard and dry by Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the GOP. Fun! Here are some pillows you can bite into while your future is getting fucked.

A Pillow You Were Going To Buy For Your Dream Home

Home Goods has a large selection of decorative pillows at affordable prices. You’re going to need to save money now that the SALT deduction is practically gone. Bite down hard, as your chances of owning a home are more unattainable then ever.

A Pillow From Your College Dorm

Ahh college, remember how fun that was? It was even more fun because you didn’t have to worry about paying off your crippling student debt yet for going to that fancy university. So get that old pillow out of storage and take a big ole bite as the removal of the student loan interest deduction fucks you worse than your first college boyfriend!

A Pillow You Bought When Obama Was President

Remember just over a year ago when Obama was president and you could somewhat trust government to do the right thing for you? Kooky times. Rummage around your small apartment that you will live in until you die and find that pillow made during the last administration.

Any Pillow Really

Unless you’re in the top 1% or you have registered yourself as a corporation, you’re going to get fucked by this bill. Cushion the blow by grabbing any pillow in reach. Don’t forget to dust it off first!

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