Grindr Introduces new ‘Find My Hole’ Feature

Grindr, the popular gay dating app introduced a new feature today to help bolster the apps presence in the community. The new feature dubbed “Find My Hole” allows users to track the location of their holes in case they are lost or misplaced. “This is perfect for me” says Brandon Brooks, a social media coordinator for an online startup. “I live a busy life taking trips all over the world while rarely showing up at the office. I also have an active sex life so its hard for me to keep track of where I left my hole like the steam room at Equinox, an orgy in Barcelona, or at the Pines Party. This is really going to give me peace of mind knowing that with a few taps I can find my hole anytime, anywhere”.

Using the feature is simple. Just open the app, hit “FMA”, and register your asshole with your Grindr ID. Once activated, you will be able to find your hole from any device you are signed into as well as from a friends device. However, this feature doesn’t come without limitations. Your hole must be powered on and connected to the Sprint network in order for location services to work. Critics say thieves can just simply power down your hole making the feature useless. Grindr is working on enhancing the feature in the near future adding “Hole Lock” which prevents unauthorized users from using your hole. The new feature is available today in latest update.