Bert To Leave Sesame Street Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Yet another domino falls in what seems like a never ending cascade of celebrity sexual harassers. One of the original cast members of the popular children’s series “Sesame Street”, Bert, has been accused by multiple people of sexual misconduct and abuse of power in the workplace. The crew as well as members of the cast have come forward to tell their stories of the hostile environment they worked in. Accusations include groping, touching, and kissing as well as exposing his nude felt body to others.

“A few years ago we were rehearsing a counting scene late at night” recalls Count Dracula. “I was counting first and when it was his turn he started counting as he moved his finger up a ruler trying to guess my penis size”. Count was one of the many to come forward, but most have decided to remain anonymous to protect their careers and families. Bert’s PR team has denied these allegations and released the following statement:

“Bert is an upstanding citizen with strong Christian values and completely denies that these accusations are true. He will be cooperating with the proper authorities until this investigation is complete and is proven innocent of these vulgar claims”.

We reached out to HBO for comment on this and they confirmed that both parties agreed to have Ernie leave Sesame Street . HBO states: “We have zero-tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace and we have decided to part ways while an investigation is underway”. There is no word on when or if Bert will return to Sesame Street. To make good, HBO will be making an episode where Big Bird encounters sexual harassment by Oscar the Grouch and has to report it to the appropriate authorities so Oscar can receive treatment for his behavior.